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Fiat 1100/103 H Lusso

Also named Fiat Coda di Rondine

In 1959 Fiat re-introduced an upmarket 1100 model, positioned between the standard saloon and the 1200 Granluce: the 1100 Lusso (type 103 H), also known as De luxe or Luxus on foreign markets. Based on the 1100 model 1958 bodyshell, the Lusso was distinguished by elaborate exterior trim.
At the front for the first time on a 1100 the Fiat badge was moved from the bonnet to the centre of the grille, featuring a new square mesh radiator.

Fiat 1100/103 H Lusso peut être vue sur Art & Classics | Art and classics

The body-side chrome spear split in two to encompass a contrasting colour band (matching the roof paint) extended from the front doors to the end of the rear quarter panels, where there was a brass-plated ornament. New interior features were a padded vinyl shelf added below the dashboard, and wind deflectors fixed to the front side windows. Thanks to a twin-choke carburator and a higher 7.85:1 compression ratio the Lusso's 1.1-litre engine developed 50 PS CUNA (37 kW) (55 PS SAE), rather than the 43 PS CUNA of the model 1958 1100.[5] Top speed was 130 km/h (81 mph). Another change from the regular saloons was the two-piece propshaft, inherited from the TV saloons.

This Fiat 1100 Lusso 1959

You rarely see such a beautiful Fiat 1100 Lusso driving on our roads! This car lived itss life in a small town south of Naples. The Fiat was completely restored and has regained its beautiful former glory together with its two-color bodywork. The interior has also been overhauled and is simply beautiful!
The 50 HP strong engine runs like a clock and is very nervous.
In short, a fun and rare car to tour around on beautiful secondary roads with with a picnic basket in the trunk.

This Fiat 1100/103 H Lusso can be viewed by appointment at Art & Classics.
Construction year 1959 - 1100CC - Price: 13.500€

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