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A112 Autobianchi

The Abarth Autobianchi A112 is een mini-class model of the Italian car brand Abarth and was built between 1971 and 1986. At first glance, the Abarth A112 can hardly be distinguished from the regular Autobianchi A112. The differences are under the hood. From 1982 this car was sold as Lancia A112 Abarth in some markets outside Italy

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The Abarth A112 was introduced in September 1971 and was prepared by the motorsport departmentr of the FIAT-group, initially with a 58 HP 982 cc engine (instead of the standard 903 cc with 47 HP), een double carburettor en een andere camshaft. In 1975 the engine displacement was increased to 1050 cc, while the power increased from 58 to 70 HP pk at 6600 rpm and a weight of only 700 kg.
The two engines were offered in parallel until production of the smallest engine stopped in late 1976. The 1975 model was the first A112 with a manual 5-gear box. These changes made the A112 a nervous machine, that gained a lot of admiration amongst young horsepower enthusiasts.

The Abarth A112 took part in various rally events across Europe and even eight editions (1977-1984) of a type-bound competition, the Campionato A112 Abarth according to the then Group 1 rules, ie series production cars. Some famous Italian rally drivers such as Attilio Bettega, Fabrizio Tabaton and Gianfranco Cunico were among the winners of the championship. The increasing popularity of the Abarth A112 in historic rallies and hill climbs led to the reintroduction of a bonded trophy type called Trofeo Abarth A112 in 2010.

Abarths had a hard time because of the driving style of the young owners.

About this car

The car comes from sunny Italy south of Naples. This Autobianchi Abarth is in exceptional condition, mechanically as well as body and interior. There is not a single rust spot to be found and has never been restored, the engine runs like a clock. Very rare car in this condition and inspected by ASI, which guarantees the authenticity of the car.

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Année de construction 1980 - 1050CC - Price: 14.500€

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